It is impossible to say where the violence born. Because it is born from different places and different reasons. But is completely possible to say where the indifference born. It is born of the lack of care and the famous “this is how things are”. And we can not let the Brazilian people think that way. So to change this perception, we created the project the Symphony of Violence. With the objective of showing in practice what violence means and provoke diverse feelings in those who come in contact with the music we created and the stories of the victims. Because when you are open up to hear, you’re also open to feel. So go ahead and use your headphone now and get ready to live the most scary musical experience of your life.


5 youngsters - unknown ages


Between the ages of 17 and 18, they were hanging out in a living area of the Carlos Marighella Housing Complex in Rio de Janeiro, when they were shot to death by criminals.

Emilly Sofia Neves - 3 years old


After a fun afternoon at a snack bar in Anchieta, North Zone of Rio de Janeiro, she was shot to death, after an attempt to rob the family car.

Conceição Maria da Cruz - 53 years old


Her bar, located in Juína, state of Mato Grosso, was in front of the Fire Brigade Battalion, which went to the scene only after she was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend.

Artur Aparecido Bencid - 5 years


Playing in the backyard of his house, in the neighborhood of Jardim Taboão (SP), he was killed by a lost bullet during the firing of fires on New Year's Eve.

João Pedro Engels - 72 years old


It was about two of the afternoon when he has arrived at a bank in the neighborhood of Jardins, city of Sao Paulo. Minutes later, leaving the bank, he was shot to death after being robbed.

Marielle Franco - 28 years old


Around 7 pm, she had arrived at the Casa das Pretas, in Lapa - Rio de Janeiro, to mediate a debate about female empowerment. 1h later, she was shot to death, by unknow criminals.

1 murder every 10 minutes

56% of victims are at aged of 29

70% of homicides are with firearms

63% of victims are black

850 thousand people were murdered in the last 15 years

Monthly rates per 100 thousand inhabitants.

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